Integrated Irrigation Management

Integrated irrigation management is a holistic approach to sustainably managing your irrigation system. We can create a layout based upon actual site conditions that will provide the proper amount of water to sustain healthy plant life as well as provide the control measures that make the irrigation system easy to monitor and maintain Using Smart Irrigation along with proper horticultural measures, we design and implement an irrigation management program for your site to minimize water waste. If you an irrigation system in place and want to improve efficiency, we can also evaluate and audit your current system and make suggestions for improvements.

Irrigation customized to your site conditions

We gather soil information and assess current plant material to determine water usage and water holding capacity. This information will be utilized to build a schedule for applying the correct amount of water to the landscape minimizing waste. In addition to the control system, options can be added to the controller to make your irrigation system even “smarter”. These components can be flow meters, sensors, and remote management systems. By using specialized irrigation components, drip and micro-irrigation, remote management systems and “smart” sensors, we can irrigate any site with the least amount of water waste.

Remote Irrigation Systems

Our remote management systems allow you to stay up-to-date with your irrigation system from anywhere that a network signal is available. For more remote locations without network access, we can provide cellular options making connecting to your irrigation system possible from almost anywhere. Schedule your watering conveniently from your computer, phone or tablet. Smart Irrigation systems can also account for weather and adjust your water usage accordingly. Adding a flow meter and master valve, the system become even smarter, monitoring actual water usage and shutting down if problems arise. We can also monitor your irrigation system, being notified if an issue arises. Some issues can be resolved remotely saving a service call to your home – even more peace-of-mind.

Smart Irrigation Monitoring

For larger sites, we offer monitoring packages along with our service plans. These packages allow for a second set of eyes on your irrigation and provides us both with alerts of current issues so they are addressed quickly. Click here for more information
Water Management

Improving Irrigation Efficiency

Neshanic Valley Irrigation can help you evaluate and improve the efficiency of your existing irrigation system. By performing audits, evaluations and installing upgrades we can help you save money on your water bill as well as help conserve one of the most precious resources on earth—water. We can also perform water use studies to determine feasibility of installing an irrigation system. Contact us today to see how Integrated Irrigation Management can help improve the efficiency of your irrigation system as well as save water and money.
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  • LEED Designs
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